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TyLynn Nguyen Designer, TyLynn Nguyen.

One of our greatest quests in life is to call the perfect lingerie collection our own. TyLynn Nguyen, creative director of her eponymous label, is bringing us closer to achieving that goal with her sensual, luxurious lingerie that speaks to the intelligent women. Lingerie is all about promoting self-love, and that’s something TyLynn knows a lot about.

Despite the fact that our undergarments are rarely seen by other people, there’s no underestimating how much confidence a new bra, pair of lace knickers or silk slip can bring. The power of lingerie is an internal one, a secret with ourselves as we get dressed in the morning. It encourages us to feel some sort of way.

TyLynn Nguyen’s own self-described style is “elegant, chic, sensual, simple, a little French.” Her desire to create her own label was borne out of a love of making clothes and getting dressed, and reaffirmed by a college professor who recognised her talent and encouraged her to think about lingerie: “She told me how important starting on the inside (whether finding yourself or getting dressed) was and after some corsetry classes and years of just making stuff and not having my own brand, I decided to take a break from modeling and get my brainchild off the ground.” To say we’re glad she did is a sizeable understatement.

We had the insane privilege of hanging out with the talented designer in her LA home, and her approach to interiors is as effortlessly cool as her personal style. Her walls are adorned with Supreme prints of Lady Gaga and Kate Moss, she’s got an enviable stack of coffee table books, a good selection of plants and some seriously beautiful Danish furniture. Her entire being is magnetic. There’s the flawless skin, her beaming personality, her beautifully curated wardrobe packed with labels like Rokit, A.L.C and Brother Veilles. She has a pet chinchilla. What’s cooler than that?

After chilling with her it became unequivocally apparent that TyLynn’s approach to life is a mindful one. Her words to live by are “keep your eyes on the prize and listen to God”, the most important thing in her life is her family, and if she were to give anyone career advice, it’d be “follow your heart and believe in your vision.” And this outlook on life has definitely translated into her designs — from her actually perfect Calla Slip to her range of super elegant briefs, TyLynn’s lingerie perfectly encapsulates what it means to be a woman today.

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Anaïs & Dax.

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