Spend any time with Mimi Elashiry and it’s hard not to be inspired to undertake the sort of adventures that each of us somewhere inside secretly craves, yet find a way to ignore and and file away. A woman who is all about living in the now, she makes you think; Why aren’t I chasing my dreams? What’s stopping me? What the hell am I waiting for?!?! The hard workin’, good trotting, time-travelling goddess spoke to us about her almost witch-crafted beauty routine, the women she turns to for love and advice, and why living your ~best life~ is the only way to go. 

Tell us a bit about your background?

My Background is an interesting mix. My mum is Australian, 6th generation, and my dad is Egyptian. As a child I spent a few years living in Egypt but for for the most part I have grown up in Australia. I can’t say that this heritage particularly influences my skincare routine, other than making sure I have a non-nano zinc sunscreen for my face to protect it from the harsh sun out here. I love to use a lot of oils on my face…i’m not a moisturiser kind of gal. I guess that’s the Egyptian in me. Particularly 100% Hemp oil, but I also love Egyptian Magic oil for my body and face when I am somewhere super dry like LA or NYC in the winter…

Where do you seek your beauty knowledge and inspiration from?

As plain and simple as it is – my dear friend Rita Balshaw’s books are my bible – Hippies in the City. This is where my journey to leading a holistic lifestyle began. Her books have always inspired me. It is not only full of yummy recipes for food, elixirs, and drinks to start cultivating beauty from the inside out, but also features many beauty product recipes for skin, hair, and any issues you might have.

Rita Balshaw’s book has inspired me to make my own little potions at home. For example, a no bleach blonde spray containing five drops of lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, jojoba oil, fresh lemon juice, and filtered water. I am also in love with Rose Otto essential oil and so I like to mix a few drops of it into my Shea Butter and that way it lasts much longer as a perfume/balm. I also love to make my own perfumes mixing combinations of my favourite essential oils. One I loved recently was rose, orange, pepper and ylang ylang, five drops of each mixed into a perfume base. All my oils, balms and potion making ingredients such as perfume and oil bases are from Perfect Potion, an Australian all natural and certified organic beauty brand.

What is your morning ritual? How do you like to wake up?

Every morning I roll out of bed and oil pull while I get ready for 15-20 minutes, either medicated sesame oil or coconut oil. Then I head straight to the gym most mornings…that wakes me up! If i’m having a slower morning I love a warm lemon water or a Super Cells Hydrogen tablet in water on an empty stomach. I don’t like to have my coffee until after I train or around 10am.

We recently heard about your magic mushie cacao coffee and would love to know exactly what it is and why you love it?

Once I discovered the “bullet proof” or butter coffee, I was hooked. I have never been someone to put MCT oil in my coffee although I did for a little while, but I didn’t really notice the difference between MCT and other fats such as butter, coconut oil, or cacao butter. After frequenting Orchard St. for coffees and elixirs enough to have a fairly good gauge on the wonderful effects of cacao, ashwagandha, damiana and maca I decided I should make a little mixture myself for traveling and for home. These wonderful libido and mood boosting herbs feel wonderfully uplifting, energising but also grounding, and taste great in coffee. So with a little bit of healthy fats (I use a teaspoon of coconut oil and a cube of cacao butter) your daily caffeine, heaps of cinnamon and also my Super Cells Liquid Oxygen to help with clarity of mind and cell regeneration… you have yourself a super coffee!!! Sometimes I add the chaga mushroom powder but not always – it doesn’t effect the taste 🙂

On the topic of work, what does a typical day look like for you? Is every day different?

When i’m in Sydney I wake up, roll over to the gym , or to Bondi to go to boxing, or to yoga…then usually head to Orchard St. or Porch and Parlour to get some work done. From midday onwards I do whatever meetings/shoots/go on an adventure if i’m free. When I’m overseas I have a similar morning routine…my routine doesn’t last long before I hop on a plane or head to another festival though! So I like to keep it  pretty simple when I am in one place for a hot second…I struggle to work from home because my Chihuahua just had puppies and I love to check if anything has miraculously appeared in the fridge. But I love to work at my favourite cafes, I can sit and be productive for hours at the Double Bay library, Porch and Parlour or Orchard street.

How do you like to wind down?

Before I go to sleep I always make a tea, usually liquorice! and then more often than not I forget to drink it… hehe

We know you’re a big traveller, how do you find your skin handles the transitioning between climates?

My skin copes alright with the changes, I think my skin fluctuates, but whenever I do get an outbreak I use my favourite Papaya face mask from Perfect Potion and Skincerity to clear it up. I always bring a thick oil balm like the beauty chef healing balm or an 100% hemp oil which I put on my face. I also bring mini cleanser because I feel like my face tends to feel clogged and grubby after a long haul flight…most importantly, stay hydrated!

On that note, any exciting travel plans coming up?

I’m headed to Europe in June on a little journey through the Mediterranean, ending with a visit to my Grandparents in Egypt!

How do you make all these locations feel like ‘home’?    

I don’t have a desire to feel at home when I travel overseas on these little expeditions, I like to be out of my comfort zone. I carry my  little crystals in my bag, some aromatherapy like Perfect Potion Cool It Quick Fix and my potions in my suitcase to help me feel at ease.

What are your favourite ways to let your hair down?

I love to let let my hair down by dancing, whether that be a dance class or going out dancing. I also am a sucker for Rosé…or two. [My favourite festival this Summer was] Envision in Costa Rica. By far, check my blog for the full write up and photos :). In Australia Subsonic Festival was my favourite.

What’s your go-to festival make-up?

I love my NARS eyeshadows no matter what the occasion, orange (taj mahal) yellow, blue, and green! I also use bio-glitz biodegradable glitter if Im feeling a little extra is needed…

Tell us about your exercise routine? 

I am actually about to head over to LA for a few weeks to get back into the swing of things! I don’t find many classes I really love in sydney and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful circle of “dancing” friends and mentors out in LA, so I can’t wait! At the moment I’m really into boxing. I love it. And on my off days I go for big walks or go to Power Living which is like hot vinyasa yoga – to stretch out.

Lastly, a few quick questions…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

All you have is here and now, so surrender and just be.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

Convincing my best friends Jono and Roberta to come to Burning Man.

What do you think about the importance of having strong female friendships?

I recently on my solo journey in London discovered the importance of female relationships. Women of all ages more importantly. Younger, older and the same age. I think as women once you get to a time where you are comfortable and confident within yourself – you begin to let women of real importance deep into your life and closer into your genuine circle of friends/family. I feel loved and supported by my close girl friends , I can call on them when I’m in need and they’re always there for me no matter where in the world we are. It’s magic.

What scares you most about the world right now?

How much we don’t know.

Top products for…


Perfect Potion chamomile shampoo and rosemary conditioner. and QUAI beach spray


The Beauty Chef healing balm, Skincerity and Dr Spiller cucumber toner


My NARS eye shadow – Taj Mahal, and my Eye of Horus Babylon brown mascara, and MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Frost Rogue A Levres <3


Long and pointy…It’s a Piazza Cake by OPI, black or teal


Turkish Moon from Perfect Potion


Words, Tabatha Turner. Photography, Hannah Roche.