A Step-By-Step Guide To Helena Cuesta’s Beauty Routine

  • My name is Helena Cuesta, I’m a freelance stylist based in Madrid-Spain and I have a jewellery brand called Them Bones Jewelry with my twin sister.


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    My makeup routine is really simple. I wash my face with the Avene Eau Thermale Mousse. Next, I apply lots of moisturizer because my skin is very dry. The light cream Hydrance by Ávene is perfect for me and I have used it since I was a teen.

    If I have had a bad day I put on this mask by Kiehls, the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque for five to ten minutes. It makes my face feel super soft and fresh.

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    The next thing I do is my eyebrows, they are the most important thing for me because I like to have BIG eyebrows. I use this wonderful product from the Effortless Eyebrow Definer in nº02 Sepia.

    To cover imperfections I use the Touch Éclat Radiante Touch by YSL and if I have to go to an event I use the La Mer Powder with its pink case, so cute.

    For my eyes, I use the Burberry Eye Colour Cream in Mink nº102. and the Volume Effet by Ysl Mascara. 

    For my lips, first I use the Sisley Phyto Levres Perfect lip liner in rose and then several times throughout the day I will apply the Generation G in cake by Glossier to give them a thicker touch. Bigger lips for sure!

    For my day to day makeup I use Carmex (cherry flavored lip balm). A friend recommended it to me and it is so good. It keeps my lips hydrated.

    For my cheeks I use the Rouge Coco Lip Blush nº410, you can use it both for cheeks and lips. I put it on my cheeks and a bit on my nose to look tanned.

    Finally last but not least, HIGHLIGHTER! I use the Haloscope by Glossier.

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    Le Labo sent me this shampoo made by Hinoki and Macadamia and it’s so good! Such a discovery. I have really long hair and sometimes it’s hard to comb but this shampoo makes it so easy! I’m absolutely in love. I alternate products, sometimes the shampoo and conditioner by Le Labo and other times a Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Voluminizing Shampoo and the Miracle Nourish Conditioner from Aussie.

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    Right now I’m using the Le Labo Shower Gel made with Mandarin and Sesame, it smells amazing. To hydrate my skin I use Nivea. Normally I don’t wear perfume but the new fragrance by Alessandro Michele Gucci Bloom smells amazing.

    This is my beauty routine!

    Words, Helena Cuesta.