According To You: The Best Eyebrow Product

Good brows are important. You know this. We know this. Even your dog knows this. In a world where brows have been tagged over 8.3 million times on Instagram and ‘eyebrow selfies’ are a thing, the (sometimes relentless) pursuit of perfect eyebrows is feeling more relevant than ever.

We’re living in an age where good brows are just as coveted as any other cult beauty product. Brows are a non-negotiable beauty essential, akin to say, the YSL Touche Eclat or a Mason Pearson. There’s even a whole DAY dedicated to eyebrows (That’s right. Look it up: National Brow Day, October 2).

While eyebrow trends have come and gone, from the mass over-pluck of the 1990’s (whose mum hasn’t shared with them a cautionary tale about this horrific movement?) to boxed brows, and, most recently, Christmas Brows. We live, we learn, right?

Brows are like a frame for our face. And you wouldn’t hang a Picasso in just any old frame, would you? They’re the one feature that can truly define and enhance the shape of your profile. But getting good brows? No mean feat. Brows are so very personal, and though the quest for good eyebrows is seemingly never-ending, the best are always the ones you’ve already got.

Moral of the story is, we (generally speaking) all need a little help along the way. Powders, gels, combs, crayons and pencils…to make sense of it all, we enlisted the very best (hint: you guys!) to help. The best brow products, According To You. We’re so glad we asked.

(And remember: the woman makes the brows, never the other way round).

Words, Gemma Clarke