The Best Pigmentation Product, According To You

Melasma. It’s a funny thing. Actually…it’s not so much funny as it is terribly exasperating. There are SO many things that can cause it – sun, hormones, babies, acne, birth control etc. etc. Not to mention the fact that it lurks around under the surface of your skin, like a creep, waiting for even the slightest hint of encouragement from one of the aforementioned triggers. To top it all off, as a general rule, pigmentation often gets darker before it gets lighter. Not to mention the fact that it’s sooo stubborn.

The good news: we live in an age where brightening products are super common. And, as such, we decided it was necessary to sift through them all – with a little (OK, a lot) of help from you – to round up the créme de la créme of pigment clearing products. Feel free to invite these trusty guys into your life and bid farewell to pigment.

The best pigment clearing products: According To You.