How To Deal With Chest Wrinkles

Okay so by this point you’ve probably got the face routine down: organic oils, SPF protection, anti-wrinkle serums – pick your poison – and it probs looks and feels preeetty smooth.

But recently, we turned our attentions south of the chin and girl, we have a problem! We first started noticing fine lines in the boob crease, mostly in the mornings and thought side sleeping was the culprit. Then they became more permanent. Turns out that years of not applying sun cream to our décolletage has left us in shameful turtleneck land.

These fun little lines usually hit around 34 if you’ve loved the sun a little too passionately (and around, ahem 28, if you’ve been particularly reckless).

Basically, skin care doesn’t stop at the chin. So when PCA’s Skin Perfecting Neck and Décolleté cream landed on our desks, we felt it was our duty to release a PSA: Don’t regret what you didn’t do now in ten years time.

Srsly, this product is the shiz. It’s made especialy for the delicate skin on the chest and neck and it tones, firms and revitalizes skin by shrinking wrinkles and boosting cellular renewal. Basically, it’s like the bikram yoga sweat sesh in cream form.

Having spent most of our Aussie youths in the sun and the sea, our skin has a little to make up for, but after a couple of weeks of use, we started noticing that the skin around our necks and décolletage was tighter and the wrinkles were kinda…dissolving? Man, this cream is tite.

Definitely worth a shot. It’s that or Donatella Versace skin 4 lyfe, your call.

Get it here.

Words by Divya Bale.