So, Bambi told us her brow secrets
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Bambi showed us how she does her brows

Let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the great wonders of the world – Bambi Northwood-Blyth’s brows.

We’ve been obsessed from day one. And we still are. Babes with big brows are our thing. Before Cara, there was Bambi. Before Bambi, there was Brooke Shields. We guess you could say nothing does it for us like a big, thick… set of brows.

So when we stopped-by at her NYC apartment a few months back, we got her to give us a 1:1 tutorial and yeah, we were taking notes.

Here’s everything you need to know.

So, Bambi told us her brow secrets
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Describe your brows in one word?


Have you always loved your brows?

Yep, thankfully I live in a big brow hype era.

Ever had a brow situation? Like, over plucked them or something? What did you do?

Hahaha yes! Lots of times. Bleached brows on shoots are awks. There were also a few waxing moments back in high school.

So, Bambi told us her brow secrets
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What products do you use?

I use an awesome pencil (Ardell). It’s better than gel because it keeps them flat and doesn’t separate the hairs. It creates a good shape and keeps them natural, but in place.

Who grooms them?

Claire Thomson.

So, Bambi told us her brow secrets
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Your brows are such a big feature, do you feel it impacts the way you do the rest of your make-up?

Yes, I rarely wear lipstick as it gets quite full on.

If your brows could talk what would they say?

What’s up legend? Feel like a glass of Pour Les Amour?