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This Could Be The Most Exciting Present You Ever Receive

We’re calling it: receiving Tom Ford for Christmas is hands down the most exciting thing that could happen to a person in their adult life (being invited on a date with A$AP Rocky or winning the lottery notwithstanding). This year, Tom Ford is giving its customers the option to pack up its products in a luxury gift box, and the lucky recipient of this best-ever gift can receive any mix of his products. Our choices? The Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum, Private Blend Candle in the same Jasmin Rouge scent, and Lip Color in Jasmin Rouge. Let that wash over you for a second… 

Got it? Okay! Let’s start veritably unpacking the present. First up, get to know Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum. At once floral and spicy, this perfume is a go-to for decadent hedonists who are drawn to unexpected scent combinations. Don’t even get me started on the elegant bottle, which I’m positive would jazz up even the most dull of bathroom cabinets. Next on the list is the Private Blend Candle, also Jasmin Rouge-scented. Outside of keeping house plants alive for more than a month, filling your house with luxe candles is the biggest signifier that you’ve *made it* in life. Give your friend the gift of being a real adult (albeit one with better taste than most) by gifting them the most delicious of all candles. Saving the best for last, we’ve arrived at the Lip Color in shade Jasmin Rouge. Tom has an unrivalled knack for creating beautiful, creamy, wearable lipsticks in incredibly vibrant colours, and this is no exception. Just one wipe is all it takes for beautifully full lips, so lightweight yet rich it is. The casing is also extremely elegant, and whipping it out in the club bathroom is a surefire way to make you feel luxe and important. Gift giving is not a competition, but if it were, you’d win by buying your loved ones a Tom Ford gift set. Start here.

Photography, Sarah Adamson.