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In theory, when it comes to our skin, we like to give it the time and effort it deserves. The reality is though, we sleep through our alarms most mornings and find ourselves applying liner in the back of an Uber en route to work (sound familiar?)

And don’t get us started on the evening. Dragging ourselves to the sink for a deep cleanse every single night is not exactly at the top of the priorities list.

But recently we got a pretty hard reality check when we looked to the beauty routines of Korean babes. And it’s clear that beautiful, porcelain skin doesn’t just happen. Good skin takes effort, not much, but a little to see big results.

So, when we asked Savina Chai (aka perfect skin over-achiever), to give us a glimpse into her daily routine, she happily obliged. And guys, it’s pretty simple.

According to Savina, good skin is all about the essence. This step is new to us, but something the women in her family have sworn by for years to achieve that porcelain, translucent skin.

But how do you use it, and why is it so good? Click through the gallery to see.

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“I wash my face about 3 times a day, because I live in Singapore and we have a very humid and hot season all year round. I’m a huge fan of cleansing oils, as it really gets dirt and oil off your face without feeling too dehydrated.

As soon as I wake up, I use cold water to rinse my face, which leaves me feeling fresh and awake.”

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“I cleanse once in the morning with. As soon as my makeup’s removed at the end of the day, I use a double cleanse method, followed by cleansing oil.

The trick is to use your fingers to rub the oils into your T-zone for 2 minutes and sprinkle just a bit of water to turn it into a milky texture for a greater cleanse.”

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“I live in one of the warmest cities in the world, and it gets humid all year round because of the haze and heatwave. This causes my skin to feel very oil, dirty and dull. I’m always looking out for good essences that can protect my skin by adding a protective layer and rejuvenates it at the sam time.”

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In Asia, it is a must to use protective skincare, we are brought up from a young age (being told) to invest care and time into your skin, because it is your ultimate canvas.

For me, I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Antioxidant Essence. I like it’s antioxidant factor, and an added hydrating boost. It’s very important for me to select products that leave me feeling radiant and perfectly conditioned. Whenever I forget to use it, I notice that my skin feels very dry and dull.

I use a cotton pad to pat the essence evenly over my face. A trick that i’ve picked up over the year is to actually soak the essence over cotton pads and press onto areas that need a quick boost, leaving it on like a mini mask for at-least 5 minutes. This is perfect when travelling and there are no facial masks.

Another trick is to leave it in the fridge – this works like a miracle. It’s a cold booster that refreshes your skin after a hot shower and also helps with better absorption of (other) products.”

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“I like a very light moisturiser, nothing too creamy and nothing too thick, because I do need my skincare to dry quickly to speed up my time getting ready.

Moisturiser in the day should be light, it should not feel like there’s a layer on your skin, or cause your makeup to become patchy. I like to use Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Moisture Lotion with sunscreen because the product plays double duty, with my moisturiser and sunscreen in one step.”

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“I like to keep my make-up fresh and light for the day, with good, dewy skin being the focus. Asian make-up is all about achieving that fresh looking, dewy glow. I always make it a point to take care of my skin, because it’s your best accessory.

My daily look is inspired by oriental Asian women, I like to do a winged eye for definition, followed by a matte red lip. Red lips give me confidence and helps to add character to my look.”

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“My day job involves outdoor shooting under the sun for hours, running to and fro between meetings – which basically means I have no time to touch up my make-up. Therefore good skin is important because i’m always meeting new people.

For me, good skincare discipline is just as important as investing in skincare brands that work well. This is something that i’ve adhered to for years!”

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