The No-Fuss Red Lip

Welcome to our first ever video series, “In her bathroom“. Here at THE FILE we like to keep things real, and this series is about bringing you a totally uncut, uncensored and behind closed doors look, direct from the bathrooms of women we love.

Basically this is your weekly voyeuristic beauty go-to. What women are actually using. Their own tips. Their own how-to’s. Their own mistakes. What works. What doesn’t. Basically, the kind of advice you wish your mum gave you (sorry, mum).

First up, Ruby Heery. Previously Fashion & Beauty Editor of Oyster magazine, and Founder of soon to launch e-commerce site, @parfemme, Ruby makes everything just look…better. So we crashed her morning routine and this is what came out of it.




Shot by Crybaby productions. Talent, Ruby Heery.